Project Description


Boxwood Connector Tree Clearing

As part of the Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan, under-utilized parcels of land between Bowen Road at Northfield Road and Rosstown Road were identified to be cleared and prepared for future roadway improvements. Milner Group was awarded contracts in 2019 by the City of Nanaimo to clear trees and brush, place preload material for future roads, construct privacy fencing for existing neighbours to the property, and build a landscaped rainwater detention pond.

The purpose of this project is to ease traffic congestion and provide an active transportation route and city green space that meet the City’s Complete Streets transportation policy. A significant portion of this project involved environmental remediation of the site which had been used as a privately owned landfill as far back as Nanaimo’s historic coal mining era.

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City of Nanaimo - Boxwood Connector or Midtown Gateway Project