PCWM Recycling Facility

About Our PCWM Facility:

Pacific Coast Waste Management (PCWM) is our waste recycling facility located on Biggs Pit Road just past the Brannen Lake Campsite.  We are able to recycle/divert from the landfill 95% of what is received at our facility which benefits the environment as well as the community.

We are also excited to showcase our recently added landscape materials section: "Gravel Mart" which offers a large selection of rock, soil, mulch, and compost.  This provides customers a convenient one stop option to drop of and/or pick up materials at a very competitive price.


Biggs Pit Road.  Just off of Biggs Road past the Brennan Lake Campsites.

PCWM Google Map

Hours of Operation:


Mon-Fri7:30 am to 5:00 pm
Saturdays8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Sundays9:00am to 4:00pm


PCWM List of Accepted or Not Accepted Materials:

AcceptedNot Accepted
Asphalt RoofingAny material containing lead based coatings
Cedar shake RoofingPharmaceuticals/Medication
Clean ConcreteAsbestos
Concrete with RebarContaminated Soil
Construction DemolitionCreosote
GlassLiquid Waste
MetalFood Waste
Wood WasteHousehold Chemicals
Painted WoodAerosol Canisters
Yard WasteAutomotive Fluid
GrassNeedles / Sharps
Cardboard / PaperSoiled / Wet Mattresses
AppliancesPaint Containers
Clean Drywall

Anyone dumping non accepted items will be subject to fines and held liable for any costs associated with clean up and disposal.

All disposal fees and / or charges will be at the discretion of PCWM staff.

You may be required to sign a liability waiver and or produce a hazardous materials survey or clearance letter prior to dumping.


PCWM Product Listing:


  1 Yard1/2 Yard1/4 YardGarbage Can5 Gal Pail5 Gal Bag
Dark Bark Mulch

Fir bark mulch. Good for dressing garden beds. Medium to fine consistency.
Milner Group - Dark Bark Mulch$28$17$11$5$1.50$4
Red Bark Mulch

Fir bark mulch. Good for dressing garden beds. Medium coarse consistency.
Milner Group - Red Bark Mulch$26$16$10$6$1.50$4
Top Soil Regular

Straight screened loam.
Regular Top Soil-1$34$19$12$6$2$4
Top Soil Premium

Screened loam, mixed with compost. High in Nitrogen.
Premium Top Soil Top-1$48$24$15$7$2$4
Compost Regular

Broken down organics. Good for gardens.
Regular Compost-2$40$27$18$8$3$5
Fish Compost

High in Nutrients.
Fish Compost-1$75$45$30$13$4$6
Lawn Soil Blend

Fine sand mix, a great base for lawn seed or turf.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Lawn Soil Blend-1
Lawn Sand

Top dressing lawns, under turf, play areas for kids.
Lawn Sand Bin Close Up$30$20$15$7$2$4
Bedding Sand

Good for under pavers and block walls.
Bedding Sand Close Up$25$15$10$6$1.50$4
Masonry Sand

*Only available in large load quantities upon request.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Navvy Jack

Concrete mix.
Navvy Jack Close Up-2$42$23$14$8$2$4
¾ Crush Road Mulch

Used as base for roads and pathways - compacts very well.
Crush Road Mulch Close Up$37$22$13$7$2$4
Clear Fracture ¾

Drain rock or as a decorative finish.
Fracture Close Up$48$30$19$9$3$4
Pea Gravel (10mm)

Consistent 10mm/3/8" clear gravel used for playgrounds and sand boxes.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Pea Gravel Close Up
Driveway Chips

Top dressing for roads and pathways.
Driveway Chips Close Up$49$30$18$10$2$4
Blue Chip
Clear Fracture

Used for pathways and as a decorative finish.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Blue Chip Close Up
Drain Rock ¾

Used for garden dressing and drainage.
Drain Rock Round Close Up-2$46$28$18$8$2.50$4
River Rock

Walls, gardens, ect...
River Rock Close Up$50$28$18$10$2$4
Cart Path Chip

Decorative finish for landscaping, pathways, and parking areas.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Small Granite Rock

An eye catching rock for landscaping finish. Range of sizes available.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Small Granite Close Up


*Please contact us at 250-756-0773 for our rates as well as any inquiries.