PCWM Recycling Facility

About Our PCWM Facility:

Pacific Coast Waste Management (PCWM) is our waste recycling facility located on Biggs Pit Road just past the Brannen Lake Campsite.  We are able to recycle/divert from the landfill 95% of what is received at our facility which benefits the environment as well as the community.

We are also excited to showcase our recently added landscape materials section: "Gravel Mart" which offers a large selection of rock, soil, mulch, and compost.  This provides customers a convenient one stop option to drop off and/or pick up materials at a very competitive price.


Biggs Pit Road.  Just off of Biggs Road past the Brannen Lake Campsite.

PCWM Google Map

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Statutory Holidays9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
We are open on all
statutory holidays except
for the following:
• New Years Day
• Thanksgiving
• Remembrance Day
• Christmas
• Boxing Day

PCWM List of Accepted or Not Accepted Materials:

AcceptedNot Accepted
Asphalt RoofingAny material containing lead based coatings
Cedar shake RoofingPharmaceuticals/Medication
Clean ConcreteAsbestos
Concrete with RebarContaminated Soil
Construction DemolitionCreosote
GlassLiquid Waste
MetalFood Waste
Wood WasteHousehold Chemicals
Painted WoodAerosol Canisters
Yard WasteAutomotive Fluid
GrassNeedles / Sharps
Cardboard / PaperSoiled / Wet Mattresses
AppliancesPaint Containers
Clean Drywall

Anyone dumping non-accepted items will be subject to fines and held liable for any costs associated with clean up and disposal.

All disposal fees and/or charges will be at the discretion of PCWM staff.

You may be required to sign a liability waiver and or produce a hazardous materials survey or clearance letter prior to dumping.

PCWM Product Listing:


  1 Yard1/2 Yard1/4 YardGarbage Can5 Gal Pail5 Gal Bag
Dark Bark Mulch

Fir bark mulch. Good for dressing garden beds. Medium to fine consistency.
Milner Group - Dark Bark Mulch$28$17$11$5$1.50$4
Red Bark Mulch

Fir bark mulch. Good for dressing garden beds. Medium coarse consistency.
Milner Group - Red Bark Mulch$26$16$10$6$1.50$4
Top Soil Regular

Straight screened loam.
Regular Top Soil-1$34$19$12$6$2$4
Top Soil Premium

Screened loam, mixed with compost. High in Nitrogen.
Premium Top Soil Top-1$48$24$15$7$2$4
Compost Regular

Broken down organics. Good for gardens.
Regular Compost-2$40$27$18$8$3$5
Fish Compost

High in Nutrients.
Fish Compost-1$75$45$30$13$4$6
Lawn Soil Blend

Fine sand mix, a great base for lawn seed or turf.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Lawn Soil Blend-1
Lawn Sand

Top dressing lawns, under turf, play areas for kids.
Lawn Sand Bin Close Up$30$20$15$7$2$4
Bedding Sand

Good for under pavers and block walls.
Bedding Sand Close Up$25$15$10$6$1.50$4
Masonry Sand

*Only available in large load quantities upon request.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Navvy Jack

Concrete mix.
Navvy Jack Close Up-2$42$23$14$8$2$4
¾ Crush Road Mulch

Used as base for roads and pathways - compacts very well.
Crush Road Mulch Close Up$37$22$13$7$2$4
Clear Fracture ¾

Drain rock or as a decorative finish.
Fracture Close Up$48$30$19$9$3$4
Pea Gravel (10mm)

Consistent 10mm/3/8" clear gravel used for playgrounds and sand boxes.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Pea Gravel Close Up
Driveway Chips

Top dressing for roads and pathways.
Driveway Chips Close Up$49$30$18$10$2$4
Blue Chip
Clear Fracture

Used for pathways and as a decorative finish.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Blue Chip Close Up
Drain Rock ¾

Used for garden dressing and drainage.
Drain Rock Round Close Up-2$46$28$18$8$2.50$4
River Rock

Walls, gardens, ect...
River Rock Close Up$50$28$18$10$2$4
Cart Path Chip

Decorative finish for landscaping, pathways, and parking areas.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Small Granite Rock

An eye catching rock for landscaping finish. Range of sizes available.

*Available at our Bowen Rd Gravel Mart location only
Small Granite Close Up

*Please contact us at 250-756-0773 for our rates as well as any inquiries.